Where I'm From: Art and Identity

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Time: 1:00 to 3:00 pm
Longhouse Room 1002

 Session Description:

Please join us in reading poems and stories of past and present Evergreen students which explore identity, the ties to family, and the language and landscape of growing up. We will seminar about the readings and write and share our own “Where I’m From” pieces.

Facilitator Biographies:

Gary Wessels Galbreath

Gary Wessels Galbreath '86: Gary studied photography and journalism at Centralia College before he graduated in 1983. Gary transferred to Evergreen in the fall of 1983 focusing on photography and Native American Studies. Gary was co-coordinator of the Native student organization for two years. In 1985, this organization helped with the carving of the Welcome Figure which stands at the entrance of the college. Gary was also involved with the Longhouse project during his time at Evergreen.

Gary worked with First Peoples' Recruitment in 1987 for 6 months traveling to Native communities and giving presentations about Evergreen. From 1990 to 1996,  Gary coordinated the First Peoples' Peer Support Program.

Gary has volunteered at KAOS radio for 27 years. Currently, Gary is the host of the program View From The Shore. Gary also volunteers with First Peoples' Advising Services.

Rashida Love

Rashida Love, Interim Director of First Peoples Advising Services: Rashida Love is the Interim Director of First Peoples Advising Services at The Evergreen State College and has nine years' experience working in student affairs. She holds both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi. Rashida has served as the Academic Advisor to Evergreen’s student athletes and is the coordinator for an after-hours academic advising program in partnership with Residential and Dining Services, The Writing Center and First Peoples’ Advising. Rashida also serves as the advising liaison to the Gateways program at TESC in which her primary focus is to inform incarcerated youth about higher education options after their release. She is interested in issues of diversity and oppression and has presented at several regional and national conferences.

Donna Griffin

Donna Griffin '02:  Donna became a member of the Evergreen community in 1997 through the Bridge Program--a partnership with TESC-Tacoma and Tacoma Community College--offered on the Evergreen's Tacoma campus. Since that time, she has been involved in TESC as a student, employee and currently as an alum.

Donna writes, "Growing up as a daughter of a military family and having the experience of traveling to new cities and countries and enjoying the beauty and culture of such diversity, Evergreen has continued to nourish my soul and allow me to embrace the diversity that encompasses my Evergreen community. After graduating from TESC, I decided to direct my professional career toward entrepreneurial endeavors which, in turn, allows me time and energy to pursue my passion of working with/mentoring young women and children."

April Westbaker

April Westbaker '78: April arrived at TESC in 1972, the first year the college had buildings.  She spent her first and last quarter at TESC with faculty member Maxine Mimms.  She was hired as the Coordinator of the Third World Coalition, 1979, then as the first director of an evolving First Peoples Advising Center and Peer Support until 1990. She completed a Masters' degree in Social Work (administration and aging) and did a short stint as a Planner for the Pierce County Department of Aging and Long Term Care. Participated with the planning committee of the National Indian Education Association’s annual convention when it was hosted by the Puyallup Tribe.  Implemented and taught a new Human Services Associate degree at Highline Community College. Served as a Local Activity Director for a Title III collaboration project with Pierce College, NW Indian College and the Puyallup Tribe. Launched a new Dept of Education TRiO Student Supports Services grant project at Pierce College – Ft Steilacoom. April is currently working at Clover Park Technical College providing student support/academic retention for Nursing and Medical Assisting Students.

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