Registering with a Waiver

In some cases, a student may be able to register for classes with a tuition waiver, including those aged 60 and older, Washington state employees, and Evergreen staff and faculty.

You’ll register after classes start, which requires a faculty signature. You can only register if there is space available as determined by Registration.

60+ Waiver

Washington state residents 60 years or older may have tuition waived for up to two classes, totaling no more than eight (8) credits per quarter as a special (non-admitted) student.

60-Plus Tuition Waiver Form (PDF)

Evergreen Staff & Faculty

Staff using their tuition waiver benefit need to complete the Tuition Waiver/Discount form.

Washington State Employees

Washington State Permanent Employee Tuition Exemption Request (PDF)

Washington State Employees may apply for a tuition waiver under the following conditions listed below.  Applying for a tuition waiver requires a separate tuition/fee exemption request.  A “State Employee” means persons employed half-time or more in one of the following employee classifications:

  • Permanent employees in classified service under chapter 41.06 RCW
  • Permanent classified employees and exempt paraprofessional employees of technical colleges
  • Faculty, counselors, librarians, and exempt professional and administrative employees at institutions of higher education as defined in RCW 28B.10.016.
  • K-12 instructors qualified to teach or seeking valid endorsement and assignment in a state-identified shortage area.

State employees may participate in this program as non-matriculated, non-degree seeking students. However, those wishing to get a degree must apply to and be admitted to the College according to the policies and procedures outlined in the College’s current catalogs, e.g. application deadlines, application fee, etc.

State employees shall begin registering on the second day of classes for Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters.

Participants in this program will be admitted to classes on a space available basis, which means open space in the class with no existing waitlist.

Participants in this program shall not pay services and activities or health fees, shall not receive an identification card, and shall not be entitled to benefits afforded by programs funded by such fees.

Participants in this program will be allowed to register for a maximum of six undergraduate credit hours per quarter (Fall, Winter, and Spring). No new course sections will be created as a result of participant registration. Participants registering for more than six credit hours will be charged full tuition and fees for all credit hours.

Matriculated students using this waiver cannot register during priority registration and will not be allowed to convert to a tuition waiver at a later time in the quarter.

Participants in this program will pay a non-refundable fee of $30 dollars per quarter (Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters) due at the time of registration. Any class/lab fees associated with enrollment will apply.

State employees must submit a “Tuition Exemption Request Form” approved by their human resources department in order to be eligible for this benefit.

State employees wishing to enroll in Evergreen’s summer session must pay the regular tuition and fees established by the Board of Trustees. In other words, this benefit is not available in summer.

State employees wishing to enroll in graduate courses must pay the regular tuition and fees established by the Board of Trustees. In other words, this benefit is not available for graduate courses.