Gender in Narrative Evaluations

Why Is This Important?

What is unique about our academic records is the use of pronouns. Being a part of a legal record, the use of pronouns in the narrative must match the gender of record that the student provided to the institution. If a student prefers a different pronoun there are acceptable alternatives for you to choose from listed below.

If you choose to use an alternative, please reference the use of the gender neutral pronoun in your introduction of the narrative of the student.

Gender Neutral Alternatives

Commonly agreed upon gender neutral alternatives or pronouns that can be used in Evergreen narrative evaluations:

  • Use student name throughout
  • Use “the student”
  • Ze/hir
  • Singular use of they/their/them
  • Using both pronouns without parenthesis – she or he, him/her, herself or himself, his/hers
  • Using neutral words like individual or one
  • Edit the essay, project, etc., rather than the student. In other words, "Sam wrote an excellent research paper. The paper demonstrated a, b, c qualities. The paper analyzed..."

Updating After a Change to Gender on Record

Learn more about changing gender information.