Writing American Cultures

In Writing American Cultures, students at The Evergreen State College have crafted essays containing vital ethnographic insights about their communities.

Ataya Cesspooch uses videos to explore how Native people build community online.

Linna Teng studies the impact of skin color on women’s self-esteem in her Cambodian American community.

Auricia Guardado turns up startling revelations about her family’s past in El Salvador and Honduras.

Jack Sukimoto traces cultural change in his Los Angeles Japanese American community.

Olivier Matthon documents life and labor among transitory wild mushroom pickers.

Meredith Hobrla looks at the freewheeling lifestyle of “dirtbag” rock climbers.

Kyle Sullivan-Jones examines family and school support for autistic youth.

Melanie Curran depicts her sensory experiences with New Orleans vernacular architecture.

An introduction by Sam Schrager, folklorist and Evergreen faculty, argues for the untapped potential of ethnography in liberal arts education.