the desire to contain and the inevitability of rupture

The desire to contain and the inevitability of rupture is an investigation of
creative process across disciplines with particular attention to the
materials, practices, and methodologies that are used by artists to generate
and record their work.

Gilje interviewed seventeen practitioners of creative practices—including
visual artists, performers, writers, and theorists. Gilje asked:

  • What do you consider to be the materials that you engage with?
  • What is a task or ritual that you perform repeatedly?
  • What systems, structures or methodologies do you use?
  • How do you experience resistance?

The original result of the project was a one-of-a-kind artists' book
involving typewriter text on treated pages, pencil marks and writing,
stitching, intricate paper-cuts, and a rich geometric play of visual text
through the translucent materials. To realize the trade version, Gilje
adapted her vision to the digital and conventional print realm, creating a
new work that responds to the physicality, movement, and materials of the


  • Alice Wynne
  • Amjad Faur
  • Anders Rodin
  • Ben Kapp
  • Benjamin Michaelis
  • Celi Tamayo-Lee
  • Christopher Claiborne Salveter
  • Clel Howard
  • Evan Blackwell
  • Ginsy Stone
  • Jehrin Alexandria
  • Kathleen Eamon
  • Miranda Mellis
  • Nathaniel T. Wolfkirk
  • Scot Nichols
  • Tath Haver
  • Taylor Dow