About the Press

The Evergreen State College Press began in 2013 as an outlet to encourage and celebrate high quality scholarly writing by students. We publish one to two works per year.

Mission and Vision

The Evergreen State College Press will encourage and celebrate student writing of exceptional quality and high scholarly merit, to include powerful and compelling rhetoric in many disciplines.

The principal goals of the press are to inspire students to undertake focused, crafted writing and to increase public awareness of the intellectual and creative vitality and innovative
pedagogy at The Evergreen State College—it thereby seeks to contribute to both recruitment and retention of students at the college.

The Editorial Board

The members of the editorial board are representatives of the faculty, staff, the library, administration, and other invested entities.

  • Coordinate workshops and events for students and for faculty to draw attention to publishing opportunities and to support the creation, in and out of programs, of potential submissions.
  • Seek to assist in the coordination of publications in a number of ways, including functioning as an editorial board for submitted manuscripts and proposals, minimal facilitation of projects conducted within programs, support for writing, editing, and design that extends beyond the purview of originating program work, and the development of and solicitation of material for its own projects.
  • Work closely with the writing center, faculty planning units, the mentor council, and other interested parties to develop the press’s activities and responsibilities and to maintain relevance to the campus community.
  • Whenever possible, coordinate plans and activities with other campus initiatives to support recruitment and retention of students.