Evergreen Organizational Chart

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Office of the President and Executive Vice President

President John Carmichael and Executive Vice President Dexter Gordon

  • Executive Associate to the Executive Vice President: Jadon Berry

  • Executive Associate to the President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees: Susan Harris

  • Administrative Assistant: Vanessa Marenco

  • Director of Government Relations: Nora Selander

Board of Trustees

Chair: Karen Fraser

Vice-Chair: Miguel Perez-Gibson

Secretary: Ed Zuckerman

Trustee: Monica Alexander

Trustee: Allyson Brooks

Trustee: Fred Goldberg

Trustee: Kristopher Peters

College Advancement

Vice President for College Advancement and Executive Director of The Evergreen State College Foundation (interim): Abby Kelso

  • Director of Strategic Engagement: Correan Barker

    • Development Officer: Jim Burlingame

    • Development Marketing and Communications Manager: James McPherson

    • Development Officer: Bianca Milevoj

    • Alumni and Development Events Coordinator: Jessica Presler

    • Alumni Programs Manager

    • Special Events Manager

  • Administrative Assistant to the VP for College Advancement: Erin Moore

  • Associate Director of Advancement Services: Jessica Thrift

    • Gift Processing, Fiscal Specialist 1: Helena Farrell Paulsen

  • Director of Grants & Foundation Relations: John McLain

    • Grant and Contract Coordinator: Katherine Sackman

  • AVP for Development: Paul Rudnick

    • Planned Giving Officer: Helle Burlingame

    • Campaign Coordinator and Assistant to AVP: Bree Grim

    • Prospect Research Coordinator: Kelly Matson

    • Major Gift Officer: Siri Okamoto

  • Fiscal Tech 2: Ray Janssen-Timmen

  • Advancement Data Systems Manager: Yahui Chi

Tribal Relations, Arts, and Cultures

Vice President for Tribal Relations, Arts, and Cultures (interim): Kara Briggs

  • Managing Director of the Longhouse: Laura VerMeulen

    • Administrative Assistant & Native Student Specialist: Amber De Villers

    • Northwest Heritage Program: Linley Logan

    • Longhouse Program Coordinator

  • Tribal Liaison

  • Program Specialist 3, SIAM Program

Academic Affairs

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (interim): David McAvity

  • Academic Dean (interim): Abir Biswas

    • Faculty Deans Group

  • Director of Academic Initiative Integration and Support (interim): Amy Betz

    • Faculty Hiring Coordinator: Karla Altenburg-Caldwell

    • Curriculum Manager: Patricia Bateman

    • Program Secretary Supervisor: Susan DeRosa

    • Faculty Reviews and Contracts Coordinator: Emmie Forman

    • Academic Initiatives Project Coordinator Markley: Alex Markley

    • Graduate Admissions Coordinator

  • Director of the Center of Climate Action and Sustainability (CCAS): Anthony Levenda

  • Director of the Native Pathways Program: Dawn Barron

    • Assistant Director: Toby Sawyer

  • Curriculum and Faculty Hiring Dean: Elizabeth Williamson

    • CAT Leader: Kristina Ackley

    • CAT Leader: Krishna Chowdary

    • CAT Leader: Stacey Davis

    • CAT Leader: Julie Russo

    • Faculty Deans Group

  • Instructional Support & Library & Media Services Dean: Greg Mullins

    • Library Director: Ahniwa Ferrari

    • QuaSR Director: Vauhn Foster-Grahler

    • Media Services Director: Vito Valera

    • Writing Center Director: Sandra Yannone

    • Faculty Deans Group

  • Director of the Washington Center & Learning and Teaching Commons: Julia Metzker

    • Assistant Director: Rachel Homchick

  • Executive Associate to the Provost: Julie Slone

    • Administrative Assistant to the Provost: Rhonda Woods

  • Academic Dean: Karen Gaul

    • Director for the Sustainability in Prisons Project: Kelli Bush

    • Director for the Center for Community Based Learning and Action: Ellen Shortt-Sanchez

    • Faculty Deans Group

  • EWS/Summer School Dean (through Fall 2021): Kathleen Eamon

  • Curriculum Dean: Larry Geri

    • MPA Director: Michael Craw

    • MES Director: Kevin Francis

    • MiT Director: Larry Geri

  • Dean for Professional Studies and EWS (interim): Lori Blewett

    • Associate Dean for EWS, Flex, and Sumer School (interim): Stephen (Steff) Beck

    • Faculty Deans Group

  • Tacoma Program Dean: Marcia Tate Arunga

    • Secretary: Marla German

    • Faculty Deans Group

  • Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Transformational Change: Tamsin Foucrier

  • Vice Provost (interim): Trevor Speller

    • Visual Arts Operations (interim): Emily Adams

    • Science Operations Manager (interim): Dan Cygnar

    • Director of Academic and Financial Services: Tina Pearson

  • Director of Institutional Research & Assessment - Acting: David McAvity

    • Research Associate: Amadou Ba

    • Research Associate: Coral Garey

Student Affairs

Dean of students (interim): Holly Joseph

  • Associate Dean and Executive Associate (interim): Andy Corn

    • Director of New Student Programs: Jadon Berry

    • Director of Student Activities and CAB (interim): Kayla Mahnke Hargett

  • Director for Title IX, Clery and Student Rights and Responsibilities (interim): Connie Gardner

    • Director of the Children's Center: Casey Lalonde

    • Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Associate Dean Wellness, Recreation and Athletics: Elizabeth McHugh

    • Patient Srvcs Lead: Delores Braaten

    • Interim Asst Dir for SWRA (CRC Operations): Ray Finn

    • Interim Head Women’s Volleyball Coach: Alexis Garrison

    • Head Track & Field Coach: Zebuliah Hoffman

    • Mental Health Clinician: Leslie Johnson

    • Interim Asst Dir for SWRA (Wellness Promotion): Em Jones

    • Physician Asst Certified Lead: Barbara Krulich

    • Sports Information Director: Megan Lobdell

    • Head Men’s Basketball Coach: Tim Malroy

    • Physician Asst Certified: Jeremy Palmer

    • Head Men’s Soccer Coach: John Purtteman

    • Head Women’s Basketball Coach: Jackie Robinson

    • Head Women’s Soccer Coach: Steve Schmidt

    • Athletic Trainer: Meagan Thompkins

    • Mental Health Clinician: Jamyang Tsultrim

    • Fiscal Specialist 2

  • Director of Residential and Dining Services: Sharon Goodman

    • Assistant Director for Residential Life: Lori Johnson

    • RAD IT and Operations Manager: Noel McHugh

    • Fiscal Specialist: Deborah Miles

    • Building & Grounds Supervisor: Ray Ruiz


Chief Financial Officer (interim): Dave Kohler

  • Purchasing and Contracts Manager: Brant Eddy

    • Procurement & Supply Specialist 2: Lindsey Carr

    • Procurement & Supply Specialist 3 (IT): Spence Cearns

    • Procurement & Supply Specialist 3: Ira Peterson

  • Payroll and Benefits Manager: Ladonna Herigstad

    • Payroll Coordinator: Lynn Sorensen

    • Payroll and Benefits Coordinator 

  • Accounting Manager: Sandy Mullin

    • Fiscal Analyst 2: Michelle Andis

    • Assistant Accounting Services Manager/ Auditor: Bentse Bianbaciren

      • Grants & Contracts Accountant: Claire Kehn

      • Accounts Payable .75 FTE: Katie Sample

      • Travel Office

    • Auxiliary Accountant: Sharon Palko

    • Financial Reporting Accountant

  • Student Financial Services Manager: Beatrice Sapp

    • SA Scholarship/ Tuition Guarantee’s: Peter Buchanan

    • Perkins Loan Manager: Corine Martin

    • Fiscal Specialist Supervisors: Emily Merriweather

      • Cashier 3: Deborah Gonzalez

      • SA Collections

  • College Budget Officer (interim): Laura Coghlan

  • Executive Associate (interim): Amy Placette

  • Admin. Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer: Laura Holt

  • MailProcessing Supervisor: Hsiu-Liao Lin

    • Mail Processing- Driver: Kathy Schwartz

    • Mail Carrier- Driver: Brandi Stone

  • Conference and Parking Services Manager: Bryce Winkelman

    • Parking Guide: Bill Bryce

    • Parking Supervisor: Lanetta Corrigan

    • Cashier: Alyssa Mensinger

    • Accounts Payable .25 FTE: Katie Sample

    • Event Coordinator 3

  • Book Store Manager: Regina Pendergrass

    • Copy Center Lead: Alison Knappett

    • Fiscal Tech 3: Jake Lind

    • Retail Clerk Lead: Kathy Miles

    • Buyer, Text: Sara Parker

    • Buyer, Office/Art Supplies: Heather Schofner

    • Buyer

  • AVP for Human Resource Services: Laurel Uzanski

    • Senior HR Representative: Jennifer Levesque

      • HR Cosultant Asst 2: Lisa Larkins-Collier

      • HR Cosultant Asst 1

    • AA & EEO Officer/ Training: Lorie Mastin

    • Senior HR Representative: Sarah Mealy

    • Senior HR Representative

  • Kate McKinnon: Public Records Officer

  • Travel Office: Kara Molinelli

Administrative Operations

Chief of Administrative Operations (interim): William Ward

  • Information Technology Specialist: Beth Mason

  • Director of Police Services: David Brunckhurst

    • Coordinator for Emergency Response Planning

    • Communications Supervisor: Linda Horn

    • Sergeant: Tony Perez

    • Sergeant

  • Support Services Manager: Patty Barnes

    • Fiscal Specialist: Harmony Gehlhert

  • Administrative Assistant to the VP for Finance and Operations: Dan Ralph

  • Director of Sustainability: Scott Morgan

  • Mechanical Services and Facilities Services Manager: George Phinn

    • Construction Operations Manager, Grounds, and Motor Pool Supervisor: Shon Forsyth

    • Plumber/Pipefitter/ Steamfitter: Rick Smith

    • Locksmith Supervisor: Bonnie Witt

  • Building Services Manager: Tammy Van Natta

    • Custodial Team

  • Director of Environmental Health & Safety: Taylor Slaughter

    • Safety Officer: Sina Hill

  • AVP for Technology: Tony Alfonso

    • Director, Network Services & Data Security: Michael Partlow

  • Space Planning Manager/Surplus Officer: Susan Keefe

    • Furniture Delivery & Install: Paul Potasnik

  • Construction Projects Manager: Dave Shellman

Inclusive Excellence and Student Success (IESS)

Associate Vice President for Inclusive Excellence and Student Success (IESS) (interim): Therese Saliba

  • Administrative Assistant for IESS: Jackie McClenny

  • Associate Dean of Climate and Belonging Education (interim): Cholee Gladney

    • Undocumented/ Underserved Student Support Specialist: Juanita Hopkins

    • Trans & Queer Initiatives Coordinator

    • Multicultural Initiatives Coordinator

  • Director of Academic and Career Advising: Allen Thompson

    • Career Advisor (.5FTE): Edwin Bliss

    • Re-entry Navigator: JJ Jackson

    • Career Advisor (.5FTE): Tim Malroy

    • Program Coordinator: Kathy McGee

    • Academic Advisor: Tyrone Newton

    • Academic & Career Advisor: Mel Pascal

    • Assistant Director, International Programs: Brynn Smith

    • Academic & Career Advisor

    • Academic & Career Advisor

    • Career Advisor

  • Director of Access Services: Meredith Inocencio

    • Coordinator, Assistive Technologies: Anne Carpenter

    • Program Coordinator: Lilly Kinnamon

  • Director of TRiO Student Success and Disability Support: Emily Pieper

    • Program Support Supervisor: Richelle Enriquez

    • Academic Specialist: Kat Harmon

    • Academic Specialist: Wes McIntosh

    • Academic Specialist: Stacia Pomerenk

    • Academic Specialist: Jessica Tourtellotte

  • Director of Upward Bound Clover Park: Pavielle Dawson

    • Educational Advisor, Math & Science: Ronnell Bayliss

    • Educational Advisor: Chelsea Thumberg

  • Director of Upward Bound Tacoma: Jaynina Smith-Prince

    • Assistant Director of Upward Bound Tacoma: Martina Santos

    • Educational Specialist: Dominique Ellerson

    • Educational Specialist, Math & Science: Claudia Krumpach

    • Educational Specialist: Karla Villanueva

  • Director of Upward Bound Shelton: Riva Villa

    • Educational Advisor: Karoline Gomez

    • Educational Advisor (interim): Philip Gyamfi

  • Upward Bound Support Staff Program Support Supervisor: Juana Vaughan

    • Program Coordinator, Tacoma: Katie Minnema

    • Program Coordinator, Clover Park: Annie Sweers

Marketing & Communications

Associate VP for Marketing and Communications: Farra Layne Hayes

  • Creative Services and Web Manager: Brian Mathis

    • Graphic Designer Sr.: Kurt Lorenz

    • Web Developer: Elaine Nelson

    • Graphic Designer Sr.: Darrell Pruett

    • Web Designer: Jim Withington

    • Web Students

  • Public Relations and Marketing Manager: Kelly Von Holtz

    • Communications Liaison: Shauna Bittle

    • Communications Liaison: Mason Hadley

    • Communications Liaison: Matt Turner

    • Marketing Fellows

    • Speedy Performers

Enrollment Services

Chief Enrollment Officer: Eric Pedersen

  • Director of Financial Aid: Colby Morelli

    • Associate Director of Financial Aid and Student Employment: Cathy Flora

    • Systems Coordinator: Sandi Mann

    • Program Specialist for Student Loans: Cory Mounts

    • Customer Service Specialists

    • Financial Aid Counselors

  • Program Specialist for Scholarships and Commencement: Jazmyne Kozak

  • CRM Administrator: Jo Bernier

  • Registrar: Lori Klatt

    • Banner and Forms Analyst: Tara Bartlett

    • Director of Veterans Services: Randy Kelley

    • Office Assistant: Maria Pineda

    • Credentials Evaluator: Jamie Pittman

    • Associate Registrar: Leona Walker

    • Program Assistants for Outgoing Transcripts

  • Director of Admissions: Wade Arave

    • Associate Director of Admissions: Carl Forbes

    • Office Manager: Brenda Overby

    • Admissions Counselors

    • Credential Evaluators