Communications Building: Home of the Performing and Media Arts


students forming a circle in a dance performance

Expressive Arts programs at Evergreen help students develop skills in performing and media arts with a deliberate focus on the interplay of theory and practice.

Students typically work in more than one art form simultaneously with collaborative and cross-disciplinary approaches. Program themes are drawn from current aesthetic and ideological interests of our faculty and vary from year to year, ensuring that faculty and curriculum remain vital and relevant. Sequential skills training is not always available, but a hands-on approach is taken in every team-taught expressive arts program. Expressive arts programs usually include work in the theater, music, dance, media arts, visual arts and creative writing. In all of these contexts, we work to create a learning environment that supports a strong multicultural perspective.

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student playing a baby grand piano

Evergreen offers a full curriculum of conveniently scheduled evening and weekend courses designed for students with busy lives.

Courses focus on a single subject area and may be two, four or six credits per quarter, typically taught by one faculty member. Many students take courses to complement their interdisciplinary programs.

When planning your Evergreen education, the decisions about what to take are always up to you – select the Evening and Weekend courses that match your educational goals and fit your schedule. In all of your courses you'll experience Evergreen's active learning approach – working closely with faculty and other students in discussions, research, writing, labs and group projects while contributing your own unique perspective. You don't have to be admitted to the college to start – just register for the class you want. You can begin your unique Evergreen education next quarter.

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