Orientation Common Read


All new Evergreen undergraduates will have the opportunity to review the common read and to discuss it in seminar groups during orientation with other students and faculty. (The assignment is short enough to read and listen to more than once—all the more reason to make notes as you do!)

How You Get Your Materials

The Common Read for 2019-2020 includes two chapters from bell hooks' 2010 book Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom. Students who have signed up for orientation should have received an email with links to the Common Read materials and the same information is provided below.

Our materials for this year are two chapters entitled "Critical Thinking" and "Engaged Pedagogy." The themes from these will be discussed at the keynote session and in small student-faculty workshops as central topics of orientation. At these workshops, you will also reflect in writing on your education so far, and share your plans, hopes, and dreams for Evergreen (and beyond).

These materials will act as an introduction to your liberal arts education. An Evergreen education holds to the ideal of interdisciplinarity—that society operates by interconnections of topics, and so should your education. They will also form a central part of our student-faculty discussions.

To Do:

  1. Read "Critical Thinking" and "Engaged Pedagogy"
  2. Select one quote or passage from each of the above materials and be prepared to explain how your selections were meaningful, challenging, or important to your understanding of the piece.

Reading and Thinking About the Materials

Once you’re here at Evergreen, you’ll be engaging with a wide range of different materials and discussing them with your fellow students and faculty. Since you’re reading and listening to this on your own this summer, we’ve prepared some resources to keep you company as you read and think about these short but timely materials.