Still Have Questions after the Academic Fair?

Still have questions as you plan for summer or fall? I am writing with opportunities for you to connect with faculty and get answers!

You may send your faculty an email with your questions. You may find faculty email through the online directory (login required) or through the online catalog. 

Advanced Research in Environmental Studies with E. Thuesen

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Current Status of College Operations and Planning

Dear Colleagues,

You may be aware that Thurston County just announced a change to Phase 2 of Washington’s Safe Start plan. We have been anticipating this announcement. Since the College community includes many people from outside Thurston County, we are taking a precautionary approach and will remain in the Limited Phase of ourHybrid Operations plan.  Most employees should continue to work remotely.   Please refer to the to the website linked above for more information.

PSA: Secure Access Washington in phishing emails


Alternatives to Academic Fair

Dear Faculty Colleagues - 

Yesterday evening’s Academic Fair saw several unforeseen technical problems with Zoom. The simultaneous meeting function that we had requested from Zoom and activated for the event did not work as expected; also, many of the rooms were unstable. These problems did not arise during the test runs we conducted in advance, and we know that the situation was frustrating for many.

Knowing that students may have questions about your summer and fall offerings, we have two alternatives: email and virtual office hours.