Nationally known lawyer, Supreme Court expert selected as Evergreen?s Daniel J. Evans Chair

peter irons.

Peter Irons, a nationally known authority on the U.S. Supreme Court and constitutional law and litigation will teach at The Evergreen State College during fall quarter as the Daniel J. Evans Chair in Liberal Arts.

Professor Irons, who was the keynote speaker for Evergreen’s 2004 Brown v. Board of Education 50th anniversary commemoration, will teach in the academic program Culture and the Public Sphere: Studies in Literature and Law.

New Evergreen student trustee begins term

A 27-year-old  Evergreen student studying fine arts, ecology and agriculture has been appointed student trustee at The Evergreen State College by Gov. Chris Gregoire.

Evergreen senior Jay Carmony began his one-year term in August, and says he's excited to serve on the college's board of trustees.

"Evergreen has changed my life for the positive, and I wanted to be a part of something larger than myself in order to give back," Carmony says. 

Evergreen's Jackie Robinson Scholarship recipients take the field at Seattle Mariners Game

Evergreen road projects to enhance safety, improve road surfaces

Work to enhance a busy intersection on The Evergreen State College campus begins next week, and will run through early October.

Intersection enhancements at the Driftwood Rd. and Overhulse Rd. intersection, near student housing and off-campus apartments, will improve pedestrian safety by re-aligning the roadway.

The re-alignment will reduce pedestrian crossing distances and increase visibility for drivers. Sidewalks and enhanced roadway markings are also a part of the project.

Political magazine lauds Evergreen as a college that is 'doing good for the country.'

A new method of ranking colleges and universities is making headlines, and The Evergreen State College is one of the top 50 schools in the country on a unique list that is gaining popularity.

Unlike other widely debated college ranking guides, like U.S. News and World Report, the Washington Monthly's assessment of the nation's colleges analyzes a broader area than just what the institutions are doing for individuals - it focuses on what colleges are doing for the nation.

Evergreen grad now a finalist to be 'Last Comic Standing'

2001 Evergreen alumnus and stand up comic Josh Blue is now one of only three comics that America will select as NBC's Last Comic Standing. The program airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Pacific, and viewers can vote for their favorite comic online or by phone. The competition was narrowed to the three comedians after the August 1 broadcast.

"Just the overnight fame is ridiculous," Blue told NBC on July 31. The winner of the series - the Last Comic Standing - receives an exclusive contract from the network as well as a comedy series on the Bravo network.

Little explored world has big implications for global climate change, medicine

WASHINGTON CASCADES -- Hanging by a thin rope at the top of a 30 story, 900 year old tree is just another day in the office for Evergreen State College professor Nalini Nadkarni.

It's a world that few see.

"It's a magical can't even see the ground," Nadkarni says, "the sounds and sights are amazing."

Dr. Nadkarni and other researchers from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash. are gearing up for the Canopy Confluence, a research and outreach project focusing on the upper forest canopy, a world that until recently, was largely unexplored.

Ford Foundation awards Evergreen $250,000 to expand Native American programs

NEW YORK - Native American programs at The Evergreen State College will receive a significant boost with a quarter-million dollar grant from the Ford Foundation.

The $250,000 award highlights Evergreen’s extensive Native American educational and cultural programs - a commitment widely acclaimed as one of the strongest in the nation.

Prestigious Wilson Award goes to Evergreen zoologist, well known ant expert

STONY BROOK, N.Y. -- The American Society of Naturalists awarded Evergreen State College faculty member John Longino their highly prestigious E.O. Wilson Naturalist Award. The award recognizes individuals whose research and writing on a particular group of organisms also illuminates principles of evolutionary biology and an enhanced appreciation of natural history.

Board of Trustees approve new student fee for College Activities Building enhancements

Students at The Evergreen State College will see everything from a new student operated café to art galleries, an indoor waterfall and an amphitheatre performance space after a 'yes' vote from enrolled students for a student fee that will significantly enhance the College Activities Building (CAB).

Evergreen’s Board of Trustees unanimously adopted the new $5.75 per credit fee July 12.