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The Evergreen State College Upward Bound TRIO program has been funded by the U.S Department of Education since 1977. The Evergreen State College's Upward Bound – Tacoma program is currently funded to support Tacoma students from 2012 – 2017. In 2012, the program received notice of funding of approximately $446,000 per year for five years, totaling $2.23 million. These funds are utilized to aid and support 105 students at Lincoln, Foss, and Mt. Tahoma High Schools in the Tacoma Public Schools.   

Communications Building Staff

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Information Office:

Com 302A

Communications Building Coordinator

Karen Johnson
(360) 867-6733​

Program Secretary

Genevieve Galarneau
(360) 867-5610

Expressive Arts Senior Thesis

The senior thesis program has been postponed indefinitely. Faculty in related planning units are developing an alternative program. Please refer back to this page for details as they are announced.

For more information, contact Shannon Stewart at s​t​e​w​a​r​t​s​@​e​v​e​g​r​e​e​n​.​e​d​u​ or call (360) 867-5896.

Performing and Media Arts Spaces


Design Lab - COM 408

Created for use by students of the performing and media arts, the Design Lab boasts 50 workstations and a variety of equipment including light tables, drafting tables, tables with cutting mats, and animation stations. This space is also equipped with full audio and video playback equipment and art critique or presentation area.

Room Request Form

How to Reserve a Room in the Communications Building

You may request a room through Media Services.

Communications Building: Home of the Performing and Media Arts


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Expressive Arts programs at Evergreen help students develop skills in performing and media arts with a deliberate focus on the interplay of theory and practice.