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Native Programs

Longhouse at The Evergreen State College"When I first walked on that campus, the beautiful thing that I felt there was the Spirit.
The Spirit said 'Come'. This is a place for people to hear what your ancestors wanted you to pass on."

—Vi Hilbert (Upper Skagit), Daniel J. Evans Chair Scholar (1995)

Women's basketball hoopster honored among Arthur Ashe Sports Scholars

FAIRFAX, Va. - Danielle Keenan, a junior and women's basketball player at The Evergreen State College was among those honored by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education magazine's "Arthur Ashe Sports Scholars" awards. Keenan earned Honorable Mention in the Women's Basketball category.

Inspired by tennis legend Arthur Ashe Jr.'s commitment to education as well as his love for the game of tennis, Diverse established the awards in his honor. Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholars must exhibit academic excellence and community activism.

Evergreen community participates in Arts Walk, Procession

April 27, 2007

Each year, students, faculty and staff at The Evergreen State College are important participants in Olympia's Arts Walk, celebrating the breadth of art in the community and Procession of the Species, one of the nation's largest Earth Day celebrations aimed at celebrating community through nature. More than 25,000 come to downtown Olympia to experience the Arts Walk weekend.

Campus Children’s Center


We are committed to creating an environment of joy where the talents of children and adults are recognized, nurtured, and celebrated.

Facility Description

  • State of the art, 7,000 square foot green building with five classrooms
  • Natural outdoor play space, maximizing the use of natural light and air flow

Childcare Center Playground

Finance and Administration

It is our pleasure and privilege to serve our students, colleagues, and guests. If you have questions or comments, please call one of us at (360) 867-6500

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Guidelines for DMCA Agents at Evergreen

The following procedures, including use of the DMCA agent and educating users, should prove suitable to Evergreen's enforcement of the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

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