Reporting Concerns

If this is an emergency, please call 911.

General Student Concerns

Report Community Concerns to the CARE Team

If you see something that's not quite right, a student who needs help, are having difficulty with another student, etc.

Concerns made to the CARE Team will be reviewed and assessed for appropriate interventions. For more information about the membership and role of the CARE Team, please visit CARE TEAM website. 

College Administrators

George S. Bridges, President, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania.

John Carmichael, Vice President  for Finance and Operations, Ph.D., Colorado State University.

Jennifer Drake, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Provost, Ph.D., State University of New York, Birmingham.

Wendy Endress, Vice President for Student Affairs, Ph.D. University of Maryland.

Illustrating the ethics of comics

Hollandsworth at Olympia's The Danger Room

Isaac Hollandsworth ’20 sat next to a window on the third floor of the Evergreen library expressing his love for comics. He has worked at the local comics shop, The Danger Room, for about a year now, after what he called “loitering” in the shop for the year prior to his hiring. Hollandsworth has also taken a leadership role in The Graphic Novel Union, an on-campus club where he promotes ideas of making comics accessible to Evergreen students.

Native American Women Standing Strong for Justice

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Native American women have been erased from history. It is not that they did not exist; it is that they were made invisible

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Student Activities Fair

Calling all Greeners: eat popcorn and learn more about getting involved on campus!

Come meet Evergreen’s student groups. All current student groups are encouraged to table. All those looking to start a new group are welcome to table and share your interests.

Make a banner, design a flyer, pass out buttons! Supplies are available to all student groups. Start signing-up September 4th; stop by the Student Activities Office - CAB 313!

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