SSC MES Project Support

Are you a Master in Environmental Studies student who is interested in doing field or lab based research? 

Consult with your MES faculty to talk about your interests and options. You can make an appointment with the SSC manager (via to see if there are resources available to support the project you are interested in. Be sure to explore funding options available for MES students.

SSC ILC Project Support

If you are doing an Independent Learning Contract that needs "Science Support", you will need to indicate so when you apply online at under "Individual Study Contracts".

The Science Operations Manager can issue your ILC "Science Support Approval" after your contract is through the "Getting Feedback" period of review.

Due to limited resources and availability, ILC "Science Support Approval" is not a guarantee that equipment, lab space and/or technical support will be available.

SSC Program Project Support

Program Projects

The Science Support Center can assist students who are doing lab and field science research projects within their programs.

If you are doing lab or field science projects in your program that will need support from the SSC, your faculty and/or Scientific Instructional Technician (SIT) will talk to you about the process in class.

Student Travel Fund for Conference Presentations

The Academic Deans maintain a small fund to help support students traveling to professional meetings to present work that was done in an academic program or through a contract. Awards are typically in the $200-$300 range; an application will be denied if the budget has been exhausted for a given academic year and students can be granted one award per academic year. Student applicants should be currently enrolled at Evergreen.

Sports/Movement Clubs (Judo Club )

Regularly scheduled, recurring "meeting" times for all Student and Activities clubs that utilize the CRC.

Jana Fischback: MES Alumni Starting a Non-profit in Wenatchee Valley

Five women standing in front of a building outside

Sustainable Wenatchee (SW) is a new non-profit in North Central Washington with a mission to: “promote a culture of environmental stewardship and social sustainability in the Wenatchee Valley. We work to do this through educating and inspiring community members to live more sustainable lives.”