MPA Class of 2019 Graduates!

hooding 2019

On Friday, June 14, 2019, 47 Master of Public Administration (MPA) students participated in our annual hooding ceremony. The hooding ceremony is a symbolic tradition that welcomes students into academia. This year, we had over 400 guests attend the ceremony to see their loved one participate. Jade Hudek and Jeremy Mohn were the class speakers and spoke of grit, resilience, and friendship that they have gained throughout their time in the MPA program. After the class speaker speeches, each guest was hooded by a faculty member along with a family member or friend.

More Financial Aid for Our Students

When the Washington State legislature recently passed the Workforce Education and Investment Act (originally introduced as House Bill 2158) it dramatically expanded the amount of state support for low income college students who are Washington residents. The legislation increased the amount of funding available to cover college costs -- depending upon their family income levels -- and made the grant an entitlement. The latter means that any and every person in the state who qualifies for the grant will now receive it.