Medical Mushroom Workshop (Workshop)

Mushroom identification work and indoor informational workshop on medical mushrooms. 

Applied Microbiology and Organic Chemistry

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In this one-quarter upper division science program we will examine theoretical concepts within microbiology and organic chemistry and apply them to real world issues within the fields of health and medicine, and the environment.

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Flow Arts Club

To provide a welcoming space for students to experience flow arts, an activity of movement-based disciplines and prop manipulation. Connecting and growing as a community, welcoming all friends of all levels of experience and backgrounds. 

Evergreen recognizes outstanding alumni, welcomes friends at “Return to Evergreen”

The printmaking workshop from the 2017 Return to Evergreen event

As Evergreen welcomes an incoming class, the “Return to Evergreen” weekend event on Oct. 20 and 21 will bring back alumni, family and friends to campus to strengthen connections and recognize two who embody the Evergreen spirit with the Joseph Albert Dear Distinguished Alumni award.

The award will be presented to Yuh-Line Niou, class of ’04 and Ron Charles, class of ’97, who represent a proud tradition of Greeners in public service.

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Evergreen Grad Protects Washington From Harmful Pathogens

Heather Kolowinski

Heather Kolowinski ’14 knew for a long time that she wanted to earn her bachelor’s degree, but it took her longer to figure out what she wanted to study. When she began to learn more about the field of environmental science, however, she was fascinated. Now, after completing her bachelor’s degree at Evergreen, Kolowinski works as a lab tech for the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA), helping to protect people across the state from a wide variety of harmful pathogens on a day-to-day basis.