Models in Biology

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Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 quarters

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ecology, plant biology

Models allow us to test our understanding of particular systems and, if the models are good, to make predictions. Types of models include conceptual, graphical, mathematical, and systems simulation models. In biology, processes that can be modeled range from Michaelis-Menten analysis of enzyme kinetics, to diffusion of carbon dioxide and water into and out of a leaf, to population dynamics of plant and animal species, to global climate models. This program will look at a range of approaches to modeling different levels of biological processes. After an introduction to modeling concepts and techniques, students will work in groups to construct models of biological processes of their own choosing. A high level of engagement and initiative is expected in this program; upper-division credit is possible. Students willing to share their expertise in some area of mathematics or computing are encouraged to participate.

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biochemistry biology ecology physiology


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