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Winter 2018 quarter

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public administration, politics and government

The course will introduce students to the role, processes, and political context of the Legislative Branch in state government.  It will include the basic formal and informal processes by which legislation is considered, the types of actions available to the Legislature, the role of federal and state constitutions in shaping the role of the Legislature, the intergovernmental political context of the Legislature (federal, state, tribal, local, international governments), the political accountability of the Legislature, the role of elections in shaping the legislative process, the methods for tracking and researching legislation, how to read legislative documents, and the role of citizens in shaping and influencing the legislative process.  Many experienced practitioners will be invited to class.

Major assignments:  1) Read and consider handouts and assigned reading (no text book); track and report on a piece of legislation actively considered, 2) attend three legislative hearings or Floor Sessions during the 2018 Legislative Session.

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