How to Register: Sophomores through Seniors

Finding your registration date and class standing

Log in to my.evergreen, click "Registration," and click "Check Your Registration Time Ticket, Status and Overrides"  You'll see a screen that includes your "time ticket," the date and time that your registration opens.  For a junior it would look like this:

If you have questions about your registration date or class standing, contact the Registration office.

Choosing Your Program

The navigation in the left margin allows you to find the programs and courses that are open to you and that will meet your interests.

For fall offerings, make sure the Academic Year is 2017-18, and Quarters Offered is Fall.  (The “Quarters Accepting New Students” drop-down is to identify two- or three-quarter programs that are accepting new students in the second or third quarter.)​


For summer offerings, you’ll need to change the Academic Year to 2016-17, and then change Quarters Offered to Summer.  You can also select for First Session, Second Session, or Full term. 

Next, set your class standing (as shown in your Time Ticket), and choose what credit level you’re looking for.  If you’re going to be a full-time day student, just move the slider all the way over to the right so your search is limited to 16-credit programs.

If you’re going to be an Evening and Weekend student, you can choose a variety of credit levels.  For example, setting it to a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8  will allow you to find a 4-credit course and an 8-credit program that you can combine to get to the 12-credit total required for full-time financial aid.  (We strongly recommend this approach rather than taking three 4-credit courses.

There are also text boxes that allow you to search by faculty name, if you know it, or by specific word or phrase—either just in the title, or in the title and/or description.  Partial entries work—for instance, if you are looking for a faculty member but can only remember their name is Womel-something, typing “Womel” in and hitting Apply Filters will bring up the programs Tom Womeldorff is teaching.

Read through the programs and courses and make a short list of your top picks.  You should always have some back-up options in case your top choice fills up.

Once you have your list of top picks, write down the Course Reference Number (CRN) for each.  This is listed on the right side of the full catalog description, or at the bottom if you're using a phone/tablet. 

Make sure you choose the CRN for Fall Quarter and the one that corresponds to your class level, as indicated in your Time Ticket.  

Getting Registered

Log in to, and click the Registration link, and then Register for and/or Drop Classes Here.  Choose the quarter for which you’re registering, and then you’ll be taken to the actual registration page.

Enter the CRN number in one of the boxes, and click Submit Changes.  If all goes well, you should get a screen right away that indicates you are registered and will show the number of credits.

If your first-choice program has filled by the time you register, however, you'll get a screen that shows program status as Closed - Waitlisted.   

If that happens, click the Action drop-down, select Wait Listed, and click Submit.

Then get registered for one of your back-up options.

Managing Waitlists

If you end up waitlisted for your first-choice program:

  • You can always check your position on a waitlist by logging into, clicking Registration, and then clicking Student Registration Details.
  • If you rise to the top of a waitlist and a spot opens up in the program, our Registration office will automatically drop you from the program you're registered for, and add you to the one you're waitlisted for.  This means that you should be certain that whatever you're waitlisted for is the program you would truly prefer!  If you change your mind about this after registering, you can always go back and use the "Register for and/or Drop Classes Here" screen to drop your waitlisted program.

If you're on more than one waitlist, be sure to use the Waitlist Preference Form!


waitlist preference 2

waitlist preference 3

waitlist-preference 4

waitlist preference 5

waitlist preference 6


  • For help with choosing a program, call Academic Advising at 360-867-6312.
  • For help with the registration system, call Registration at 360-867-6180.