Sports & Recreation Clubs

Participate in sport and recreation clubs for Evergreen students.

Club sports are open to students at many skill and fitness levels while providing an opportunity to have a great experience and even compete with other college clubs.

Beyond traditional college sports, clubs are available for rock climbing, snow sports, and dance.

Also see the list of more student groups supported by Student Activities.

Dance Co-op

Our mission is to hold space for embodiment and authentic expression through dance, music, and movement. 



Facebook: Dance Co-Op

Evergreen Crew Team

We seek to provide a safe and fun environment to practice rowing and build skills on and off the water


daily workouts. contact us via email for times and locations.



Facebook: Ev. Crew

Evergreen Health Science Club

The evergreen Health Sciences Club was put together with the intention of helping people interested in medical and health professional health fields achieve their academic goals whether it be post graduate or undergraduate education. We strive to achieve best possible outcome for every member no matter their chosen discipline. 


Evergreen Sailing Society

To create an avenue of access to the fantastic world of maritime culture for TESC students through instructional sails, workshops, and excursions. Sailing is a sustainable method of transportation with a rich cultural history, but is sometimes difficult to break into. TESS brings opportunity for everyone to experience the world. Regardless of background or previous experience.


weekend charters will resume Spring Quarter.


CRC recreational clubs

Facebook: Evergreen Sailing Society

Geoduck Climbing Coalition

Our mission is to maintain and operate the CRC climbing gym at the standards expected by the student body. Furthermore, we will provide programming to actively engage students with the climbing gym and outdoor climbing wall. 



The mission of this group is to supplement historical, cultural, and practical knowledge of Judo and to remove barriers for students trying to access local, national, and international Judo competitions and events.

KPOP Dance Group

Our mission is to create a safe, fun, and inclusive environment that encourages artistic expression through dance and collaboration to achieve a common goal. We will create a community where people can have fun exercising with people they have things in common with.


Facebook: K-Pop Dance Group (Ev. Seagulls)

Skateboarding Club

We are a group of students interested in bringing the skate community together. Shred is the mission. Skate or die.



Facebook: Skateboarding Club

Snow Slide Club

Our mission is to provide students with a chance to escape the hardships of school and go to a mountain to float over powder. We give students a chance to express themselves in the form of a beautiful sport, and give other snowboarders and skiiers a community to go to the mountain and shred with.

Student Martial Arts Club

SMAC's intent is to create inclusive spaces for students of varying styles, experience levels, and identities to advance their understandings of self defense and practical martial arts. We're a style-free space and open to all styles of practical martial arts! SMAC classes and meetings will be done in an open-mat style to create a safe and inclusive student space. Whether you're curious about martial arts/self defense or you want to practice techniques you already know, everyone is welcome!