Freshman Requirements

Understand the requirements for becoming a Freshman student at Evergreen and be prepared for when you start your application.

You will apply as a freshman if one of the following is true:

  • You are currently a high school senior, even if you are in Running Start, Dual Credit, or AP/IB.
  • You are a high school graduate or have a GED or High School Equivalency exam results and have not taken any college courses.


Complete college preparatory course work in high school that includes enough credits in the following subjects:

High school credits required for admission
SubjectCredit Requirements
English4 credits
Mathematics3 credits (Algebra I and higher)
Social studies3 credits
Foreign language2 credits (single language)
Science2 credits of laboratory science—1 credit in Algebra-based chemistry or physics
Art or elective from one area above1 credit

You can show on your application that you’re in the process of completing these courses, but they must be completed before enrolling at Evergreen. This list of acceptable college-preparatory course work (PDF) may help you decide which courses meet the subject-area requirements.

Maintain good standing in any college-level work attempted while in high school or after high school graduation. The quality of your college work will be taken into consideration, as well.

Your grade point average and test scores will be used in our comprehensive review process. The average GPA for freshmen admitted in 2015 was 3.15. The average SAT composite (critical reading and math) score was 1084 and the average ACT composite test score was 24. The SAT writing test and subject tests are not required.

Running Start And Other College Credit

When you apply for admission as a high school senior with Running Start credit, we’ll use the freshman admission criteria. Your college credit can be used to substitute for required high school courses. For example, a 5-quarter hour credit course in college-level writing (English 101) will substitute for a full credit of high school English.

See the Transfer Credit Policy for more information about college credit earned as a high school student .

See Prior Learning Assessment for information about college credit earned through Advanced Placement (AP), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

Other Freshman Applicants

Home school

Applications from home school students are reviewed on an individual basis. Your home school education documents, and ACT or SAT scores are required. If you attended high school or college, your official transcripts are also required. Letters of recommendation from educators or professors familiar with your academic preparation are welcome. These letters should be limited to one page from each recommender.

GED applicants

The GED updated the way the subject tests are scored in January 2014. Therefore:

  • If you took the GED before January 2014, your percentile rank on all subject tests must be in the 60th percentile.
  • If you took the GED after December 2013, the minimum test score is 150 on all subject tests.

ACT or SAT scores are also required. Generally a composite ACT score of 21 or an SAT score of 990 (critical reading and math scores) is desired.

High School Proficiency Exam

The official document with the final proficiency exam scores and a set of ACT or SAT scores are also required for an admission review.

Freshman applicants who are 25 years or older

You may substitute an Application Statement (PDF) and a resume instead of ACT or SAT scores for all of the applicant types listed above. Your resume may list your personal accomplishments and work history.

You may also be interested in study opportunities for adult students.