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Russell Fox Community-Based Projects Endowed Fund

At Evergreen, undergraduate students have access to unique opportunities to engage in hands-on professional-level research. At other colleges, access to opportunities like these are typically only available to upper-level students. 

Support the Russell Fox Community-Based Projects Endowed Fund.

Your gift will make a positive impact on the work of Evergreen students who participate in real-world research and community-based development projects.

Carolyn Dobbs National Park Research Endowed Internship Fund

At Evergreen, students have unique opportunities to pursue real-world field experiences in environmental studies, natural and cultural resource management, and environmental sciences.

Support the Carolyn Dobbs National Park Research Endowed Internship Fund

Your gift will make a positive impact on the work of Evergreen students who are pursuing internship experiences in National Parks and other natural resource agencies.


- Full text. Reference. A source for concise and reliable cultural information on countries of the world. Country reports include perspective on daily life and culture, including background, customs, and life styles of the world's people.

SIRS Discoverer

- Full text. Reference.  A multidisciplinary database for elementary and middle school learners and educators covering curriculum areas such as current events, history, health, language arts, math, science, social studies and technology.

eLibrary Curriculum Edition

- Full text. Reference. A large curriculum and reference resource delivering general reference collections of periodicals and digital media content designed for K-12 schools and libraries. Resources can be searched in correlation to state and national standards, including Common Core State Standards.

Science Seminar: the Universe and You

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We are interested in symmetries and changes in the universe, and in human understanding and interaction with nature.  Scientists have discovered new puzzles, which your generation may solve. 

How do we know that dark energy and dark matter are yin and yang?  What about the new gravity waves from merging black holes – could they open up a wormhole for warp speed travel?  Are climate change feedbacks self-healing, catastrophic, or an intentional “Revenge of Gaia”?  Is there a Planet X?  Where do ideas like these come from, and how can we assess their validity? 

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The Social Science of Happiness

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Psychologists and sociologists have tended to focus on abnormalities and social problems when looking at the human condition. However, addressing our personal and social problems over the long haul requires resilience and resolve. In this 4-credit stand-alone component of the Forensics and Criminal Behavior

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Printmakers Club

We exist to create a community of printmakers to share work, critiques, and tips with, as well as to have a space for printmakers to further develop their work through informal group critiques (twice a quarter) as well as a space to exchange ideas, resources, or suggestions, and to expose each other to new types of art and new ways of thinking about printmaking.