Kirk Jones ‘93 to discuss photography, culture and media at Return to Evergreen

November 10, 2017

Portland-based photographer and Evergreen alumnus Kirk Jones ‘93 has freelanced all over the world, done commercial work for a number of high-profile clients, and contributed images to a wide variety of major news outlets including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and CNN. Jones is currently producing a series of Northwest images for Gigapan and continuing a series of John James Audubon-inspired Cannabis flower images.


On November 4, Jones will team with Evergreen Photoland lab manager Ryan Richardson to lead a Return to Evergreen session titled “Seeing Beyond Your Subject: Image Composition in the Mobile Age.”


What sort of scenes and things do you enjoy shooting the most and why?

It depends on the project, but recently I like to photograph outdoors using a variety of techniques, usually involving multiple image compositions or large scale panoramic.


Did you take any photo-related programs at Evergreen and shoot much around campus while you were a student?

I was the photo intern under Steve Davis. I shot campus activities and some other alumni off campus, but this was (back in)  film days, so the luxury of photographing (recreationally) without regards to time and money was much more stringent.


Was there a staff or faculty member at Evergreen who was especially influential or inspiring?

Steve Davis and Hugh Lentz. They both challenged what I knew about photography, pushed me towards other ways of seeing, and got me into the digital age in photography well before the advent of digital cameras. In turn, this led to a career in graphic design, custom printing, digital design and ultimately software design.

Kirk Jones

What can attendees expect from the session you’re co-leading at Return to Evergreen?

A great assortment of images, some insights into how iphone and mobile photography is influencing culture, photography, and our access to media, as well as some practical tips on sharing photography using mobile phones.


Return to Evergreen (November 3-5) is an annual gathering of Evergreen graduates, family and community members full of immersive and interactive events, happenings and parties. “Healing with Yoga and Song” will run from 9:00-10:15 a.m. on Saturday, November 4. To learn more and register for Return to Evergreen visit