“We Are Stronger Together”

October 31, 2018
A view of the campus clocktower from below, up through the trees

Dear Evergreen Community,

Acts of violence and hatred such as the murder of Jewish worshippers at a Pittsburgh synagogue last Saturday, the murder of two black victims at a grocery store in Kentucky last Wednesday and the lethal pipe bombs sent to 14 prominent democrats over the last week have left our country reeling.

Each of these cases started with hate speech metastasizing over social media into brutal threats and premeditated attacks against innocent people. Each started with the demonization of difference. One case was thwarted in time. The other two ended in murder.

This is a time to strongly, bravely and consistently reject bigotry and intolerance.

In the classroom and in our programs, in our work spaces and meetings, in deep discussion and honest interaction, let’s affirm our respect, understanding and empathy for each other. Creating positive change across our country starts with us here, with kindness and welcome for all.

For anyone struggling with anxiety, anger or despair, please remember there are resources at Evergreen for your support.  Staff and faculty may use the Employee Assistance Program.  Students in need of additional support may contact or go to the Counseling Center. Community resources are also a source of assistance.

As we at Evergreen grieve with the victims, we rise as a community to say no to hate and violence.  We are stronger together when we are united.


George Bridges, President
Jen Drake, Provost
And the Vice Presidents of Evergreen