Evergreen named “Best Buy” college for 2019

July 10, 2018
Evergreen is Fiske 2019 Best Buy College

The 2019 Fiske Guide to Colleges recently named Evergreen a “best buy” for the upcoming year. It was one of just 20 schools designated as such.

In the guide, Fiske highlights some of the unique aspects of Evergreen that make it such a special place. “Evergreen remains one of the best choices for students who see traditional academic structures as too restrictive,” it states. “Freed from requirements and grades, Greeners delight in exploring the connections between disparate disciplines at their own pace.”           

The guide mentions a variety of notable offerings at Evergreen, including the Native American and Indigenous Studies program. It also notes that “students praise Evergreen’s environmental and sustainability studies offerings, which span agriculture, ornithology, and marine science, among others.”

For students who embark on the educational journey offered by Evergreen, Fiske points out that “the rewards lie in an education that is personally meaningful and that allows them to develop and express their own identities.”

As one student interviewed by Fiske said, “here you can truly be whoever you want to be.”

“There’s really nothing to fit into,” said the student. “There is no box at Evergreen; there’s just the experience of being here.”