Evergreen’s Upside Down is Right Side Up for Students Looking to Transfer Technical Degrees

March 9, 2017
Diagram of Upside Down degree

(Olympia, Wash.) Making it easier for students to earn their bachelor degree, The Evergreen State College has made a significant change to degree transfer policies.

The policy change opens a wider door for students with a technical associate’s degree to enter Evergreen and earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) or BA/BS degree. The program can help students with a technical associate's degree complete an Evergreen bachelor's degree in just two years.

“These changes make our policy and process simple, transparent, and student friendly for applicants. For Evergreen the new policy is efficient and easy to manage,” says Eric Pedersen, director of admissions for the college. “Our new policy is supportive of Washington’s citizens and workforce in opening up pathways to bachelor degree attainment for those that need it for career advancement, career changes, or personal enrichment.”

Students earning a technical associate's degree from any of Washington’s 34  regionally accredited community or technical colleges can qualify for 90-lower division transfer credits after completing the Upside Down Transfer Option process. The new policy makes it easier for students to transfer, as the former policy focused on a small number of specific programs at specific campuses.

Students who qualify for the Upside Down Transfer Option are required to take 32 credits at Evergreen in an interdisciplinary program which is unrelated to their technical degree. This ensures that students with a technical background experience at least 32 credits of broad, liberal arts course work. This is why this transfer option is called "upside down."

Students earning technical associate's degrees (AAS, ATA, AAT, or AAS-T) are invited to apply for Spring and Fall 2017.

Visit The Evergreen State College online to learn more about the Upside Down Transfer Option or call 360.867.6170.