Evergreen Board of Trustees Give Greenlight for Certificate Programs

March 11, 2022
Faculty Andrew Reece looks down at a book while teaching a summer Latin Intensive program.

OLYMPIA - The Evergreen State College was given the green light by its Board of Trustees to launch Professional and Continuing Education at Evergreen - new educational opportunities tailored for adult learners and working professionals.  
The Board’s approval is part of a multipronged approach to boost enrollment and attract adult learners with different needs than traditional college-aged students.  
“Our mission is to provide transformative education to professionals by combining theory with practice as they continue to develop more skills and competencies. Through these new offerings, students will be able to advance in their careers and create a better world,” said Board of Trustees’ chair Karen Fraser.
For the past 50 years, Evergreen has strived to be “ever-evolving,” and the Professional and Continuing Education opportunities will help students find their path to success – whether that’s an undergraduate or graduate degree or a certificate. Evergreen has several personalized options to help its students achieve the outcomes they desire.  
“Professional and Continuing Education at Evergreen complements our existing programs for adult learners by offering new courses that meet them where they are at with their careers and educational goals,” said John Carmichael, Evergreen’s president. “Certificates will be offered to help people take that next professional step, with the necessary flexibility to complement their already very busy lives.” 
Academic dean and project manager Lori Blewett shared her enthusiasm about the board’s decision, stating “We are excited about developing partnerships with industry and agency leaders. One of our primary goals is to design certificates and degree programs that lead to career success and help meet workforce development needs in our region." If you are interested in learning more, if you are an employer or employee with suggestions for certificates, or if you have requests for employee education, contact Dr. Blewett at certificates@evergreen.edu
Evergreen plans to launch the first round of certificate offerings this fall. Areas of study include business, entrepreneurship, and administration; environmental solutions; computer science; interdisciplinary art, media, and design; and psychology, health, and wellness. More certificates are being planned for future academic years.