Olympia, Tacoma and Lacey high schools shine in math tournament at Evergreen

November 28, 2016

Local high school students put their math skills to the test November 19 at the The Evergreen State College’s 8th Annual High School Math Meet. The Olympia High School team took first place overall with Tacoma’s Henry Foss High School placing second and Lacey’s North Thurston High School taking third. The competition included 37 students from five high schools. Other schools represented included River Ridge High School in Lacey and Stadium High School in Tacoma. The competition is directed by Evergreen math faculty members Brian Walter and Vauhn Foster-Grahler.

The Math Meet included competitions by grade, for freshman/sophomore teams, for individuals and for overall teams. Many of the student competitors qualified for the state-level tournament that will be held at Evergreen in April.

Top finishers included:

9th Grade

  1. Sabrina Lin, Henry Foss HS
  2. Laurel Ponce, River Ridge HS
  3. John Hammond, River Ridge HS

10th Grade

  1. Frank Lin, Henry Foss HS
  2. Aleksander Leszczak, North Thurston HS
  3. Tommy Pak, North Thurson HS

11th Grade

  1. Jasper McAvity, Olympia HS
  2. Vin Somasundaram, Olympia HS
  3. Lucas Ehinger, Olympia HS

12th Grade

  1. Spencer Johnson, Olympia HS
  2. Warren Gu, Olympia HS
  3. Kendall Escene, North Thurston HS

Overall Individual

  1. Jasper McAvity, Olympia HS
  2. Frank Lin, Henry Foss HS
  3. Spencer Johnson, Olympia HS

Freshman/Sophomore Team

  1. Henry Foss HS
  2. North Thurston HS
  3. River Ridge HS

Overall Team

  1. Olympia HS
  2. Henry Foss HS
  3. North Thurston HS