State Looks to Hold Resident Undergrad Tuition at Current Levels

June 28, 2013

The following statement is from Thomas L. Purce, president of The Evergreen State College.

“Washington legislators reached an agreement on the state’s operating budget yesterday, and there is some good news. While Evergreen’s budget will not change much, the final legislative budget calls for no tuition increase in 2013-2014 for resident undergraduate students.

After years of dramatic tuition increases and equally dramatic state cuts, this is a welcome change.

The state budget is not final until action by both chambers of the legislature and by the governor. Details remain to be analyzed and some big issues (for instance, the capital budget) remain unresolved. But we can celebrate this positive development, which should ease the burden on many students and allow us to make some progress on our most critical budgetary needs.”

Final action on the budget is expected shortly. Details are available on Evergreen’s Government Relations blog.