Evergreen Introduces New Virtual Tour of Campus

November 1, 2012

New Technology Helps Potential Students Connect -- and Alumni Reconnect

The Evergreen State College recently completed a new virtual tour of campus complete with 360 degree views, video footage, photographs, and a walking tour with a virtual guide.

The new project is designed to convey the campus to potential applicants, augment Evergreen’s visitor experience, assist new students and help alumni reconnect with the evolving campus.

The tour has been online for less than two weeks and early visitors have come from across the country and even internationally. The tour is available from Evergreen’s homepage at www.evergreen.edu or from admissions.evergreen.edu/tour

The tour is also integrated into popular online college search tools like Cappex.com, Hobson’s Naviance, and mycollegeguide.com. Besides the college website, the tour appears as a standing feature on Evergreen’s Facebook page and is being promoted in the college’s other social media.

Next steps over coming months will include efforts to enhance the site’s existing smart phone capability, establish apps on iTunes® and other services, create more modules specific to groups of visitors, and further connect the effort to emerging technologies.