The Cosmos Unveiled: How to Explore & Interpret the Night Sky

July 27, 2012

Join us for an evening of storytelling and Astronomy Education, with Dave Powell, as he shares, "The Cosmos Unveiled: How to Explore and Interpret the Night Sky,” at 7:00 pm, August 1, in Seminar 2 C 1105. At dusk, Dave will engage us in a star hunt for an evening of stories and adventure.

Dave Powell is a dedicated amateur astronomer and storyteller extraordinaire. He is known for his entertaining and informative, hands on lectures, stories, and star hunts, and is in demand throughout the Western United States for his theatrical star hunts, presentations on Messier, and other topics. He lives in Ashland, Oregon and volunteers at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Dave is active in Astronomy outreach, has given many public presentations in the Pacific Northwest, and has earned the Astronomical Leagues Master Outreach Award. After being involved with, the Oregon Star Party for nine years, Dave is the current director. The Oregon Star Party is an annual gathering of six to seven hundred amateur astronomers, held in August, under the very dark skies of central Oregon.

Sponsored by Evergreen Summer Program, and "Astronomy and Cosmology, Stars and Stories."