Evergreen Engineer Sets the Pace

June 12, 2012

APPA: Leadership in Educational Facilities has Awarded the Pace Setter Award to Evergreen State College Engineer Rich Davis

Rich Davis, College Engineer at The Evergreen State College is being recognized for his significant and continuing contributions to fields of Educational Facilities management.

In awarding Davis this honor, APPA noted Davis’s commitment to facilities management, risk management, campus security and for acting as a “leading legal voice” in development of campus security documents and policies.

Davis, licensed both as an engineer and as a lawyer, has written a variety of opinions and articles to advance Educational Facilities fields, including primers on how codes become law, how to manage and meet fire safety and regulatory requirements, and legal and engineering advice for hazard mitigation for campuses across the nation.

Davis will be recognized at the APPA 2012 conference and exhibition in Denver on July 17.