Math Event Announces Team Winners

December 7, 2011

High School Math Tournament Hosted by The Evergreen State College Draws Wide Participation, Promotes Excellence in Quantitative Reasoning and Skills.

A High School Math Event was hosted by The Evergreen State College on Saturday, with support from a grant from the National Science Foundation and tests provided by

There were 65 participating students from six high schools [Henry Foss HS, North Thurston HS, Olympia HS, River Ridge HS, Stadium HS, and West Linn HS (from West Linn, OR)]. Seventeen students qualified to go on the State Championship round, which will be held at The Evergreen State College on April 21, 2012.

Co-Directors, and Evergreen faculty, Vauhn Foster-Grahler and Brian Walter handed out awards to individual winners by grade level, to overall individual winners, to the best overall school teams and to the best Freshman/Sophomore teams.

Here are the results:

Overall Team Winners:

  • Championship Team: Olympia HS
  • 2nd Place Team: River Ridge HS
  • 3rd Place Team: North Thurston HS

Freshman/Sophomore Team Winners:

  • 1st Place Frosh/Soph Team: Olympia HS
  • 2nd Place Frosh/Soph Team: River Ridge HS
  • 3rd Place Frosh/Soph Team: West Linn HS

Overall Individual Winners:

  • 1st Place: Ray Ma, Olympia HS (impressive because he's just a Junior)
  • 2nd Place: Ernest Gu, Olympia HS (extra-impressive because he's just a Freshman!)
  • 3rd Place: Gehn Ferguson, Olympia HS

Grade Level Winners:

  • 9th grade 1st Place: Ernest Gu, Olympia HS
  • 9th grade 2nd Place: Emily Yeh, Henry Foss HS
  • 9th grade 3rd Place: Ian Culhane, Olympia HS
  • 10th grade 1st Place: Sherwin Shabdar, Olympia HS
  • 10th grade 2nd Place: Eric Sundberg, River Ridge HS
  • 10th grade 3rd Place: Dante Huerta, River Ridge HS
  • 11th grade 1st Place: Ray Ma, Olympia HS
  • 11th grade 2nd Place: David Cregg, North Thurston HS
  • 11th grade 3rd Place: (tie) Jooneil Ahn, North Thurston HS, and Scott Vannerson, North Thurston HS
  • 12th grade 1st Place: Gehn Ferguson, Olympia HS
  • 12th grade 2nd Place: James Lee, Olympia HS
  • 12th grade 3rd Place: Chris Han, Stadium HS

The tournament consisted of the following tests (for more information about these tests and how they’re scored, see ·

  • Team Test (20 minutes for 10 problems, solved as a team, calculators allowed) ·
  • Target Test (individual; 8 problems, given 2 at a time with 10 minutes per pair of problems, no calculators) ·
  • Sprint Test (individual; 60 minutes for 30 multiple-choice problems, calculators allowed) ·
  • Relay Test (5 multi-part problems, each problem solved as a 3-person team in individual stages, no calculators)

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