2010 Pauling Medal Award Symposium

October 15, 2010

The Evergreen State College Extends Congratulations to the 2010 Linus Pauling Medalist, Professor Armand Paul Alivisatos

Evergreen to host the 2010 Pauling Medal Award Symposium and Banquet November 6, Featuring World-Renowned Experts in Nanotechnology

The Pauling Award is given in recognition of outstanding contribution to chemistry meriting national and international recognition and is among one of highest honors awarded in chemistry. The event taking place at The Evergreen State College is sponsored by the Puget Sound, Oregon, and Portland Sections of the American Chemical Society.

Speakers at The Pauling Symposium to be held in Lecture Hall 1 at 1 p.m. on November 6, 2010are Professor Mostafa A. El-Sayed from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Professor Phillip Geissler from U.C. Berkeley and Professor Yi Cui from Stanford University, and the 2010 Pauling Medalist, Professor Paul Alivisatos from U.C. Berkeley

The symposium is free and open to the public, without reservations. Driving directions to The Evergreen State College can be found at: http://www.evergreen.edu/tour/gethere.htm

Following the symposium, Professor Armand Paul Alivisatos will be awarded the Pauling Medal at a banquet given in his honor. The Banquet Reservation Form can be downloaded from the Pauling Symposium Website at: http://blogs.evergreen.edu/pauling/. A special student rate is available for the first twenty-five students.

About Dr. Alivisatos

Armand Paul Alivisatos is the Larry and Diane Bock Professor of Nanotechnology at the University of California, Berkeley and the Director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is the founding editor of Nano Letters (a publication of the American Chemical Society), which celebrated its ten year anniversary in the fall of 2010. Paul Alivisatos's research concerns the structural, optical, thermodynamic, and electrical properties of colloidal inorganic nanocrystals. He investigates the fundamental physical and chemical properties of nanocrystals and works to develop practical applications of these new materials in biomedicine and renewable energy. He is the scientific founder of Quantum Dot Corporation, Nanosys Inc. and Solexant Inc.

Professor Alivisatos is an Elected Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2004), an Elected Member of the National Academy of Sciences (2004), a Materials Research Society Fellow I2009), and a Fellow of the American Chemical Society (2009).

Professor Alivisatos earned his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry with Honors in 1981 from the University of Chicago and his Ph.D in Chemistry from UC Berkeley in 1986.