‘Messages from the Water’ Seminar and Events beginning April 21

April 8, 2010

Dr. Emoto to Present ‘Messages from Water’ at The Evergreen State College and Lead Earth Week Blessing for the Salish Sea (Puget Sound)

Olympia – April 21, the day before Earth Day, Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan will gather with the public at 12:00 noon at the artesian well on Fourth Avenue, downtown Olympia, for a blessing of the water.

Also on April 21, Dr. Emoto’s seminar ‘Message from Water’ will take place from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at The Evergreen State College Longhouse, followed by a book signing sponsored by The Evergreen State College Book Store. Local elders will share a blessing to honor the waters of the Salish Sea.

Dr. Emoto will also lead a blessing for the healing of Salish Sea waters and water everywhere April 24, 2010, 11 AM to noon, as part of Earth Day events, while all around the Salish Sea people will participate simultaneously beside the sea or their local river.

Dr. Emoto’s bestselling book the Hidden Messages in Water has inspired people worldwide to rediscover their connection to water through viewing the photographs of water crystals exposed to words, photos, nature, and music.

“We are 70-90% water. What does this mean for the way we interact with each other? And what does this mean for the way we treat the rivers, lakes, and Salish Sea around us? Photos of water crystals made before and after blessing ceremonies for rivers and lakes have shown striking results, changing from ugly and ill-formed to beautiful and sparkling,” said Pat Rasmussen, co-coordinator of the events.

Dr. Emoto's visit will begin in Olympia, as part of Earth Day events throughout the region. "We want to generate awareness about the importance of the waters of our region, as well as the complex relationships between humans and the ecological diversity of the Salish Sea," said Rebecca Chamberlain, member of the faculty of the Evergreen State College. Dr. Emoto is traveling to the Northwest on the invitation of the Lummi Nation and local elders, as a way to raise awareness of our relationship to Puget Sound.

Seminars by Dr. Emoto in Seattle at Seattle Unity April 22, Earth Day, and April 23 in Bellingham at Western Washington University Performing Arts Center and other regional events April 21-24 are being organized through the website at http://sacredceremonialsforthesalishsea.wordpress.com.