Local Schools Do Well in Math Meet

March 11, 2010

Olympia High School placed second overall and Tumwater High School came in third in The First Annual High School Math Meet held at The Evergreen State College on February 27. Tacoma’s Stadium High School won the tournament. The tournament, co-directed by Evergreen faculty members Brian Walter and Vauhn Foster-Grahler, welcomed 31 high school students and their coaches to the Olympia campus. In addition to the team awards, local students fared well individually. Tumwater High School’s Leah Dalrymple finished second overall and second for 12th grade participants. Olympia High School’s Kirsten Allen and Austin Minor were first and second respectively at the 11th grade level. Local 10th grade winners included William Hoza from Olympia High School in second place and Dylan Mackenzie from Tumwater in third place. Stadium High School’s Eric Chou and Chris Han finished first and third, respectively, in the overall individual competition. I’ve included the complete results below.

The Evergreen State College will host the State Championship Math Meet on April 24, 2010. Schools wishing to participate in the State Championship Math Meet can get information on how to qualify for the competition at www.mathleague.org. The Evergreen State College Math Meet and the State Championship Math Meet are part of nation-wide math competitions sponsored by mathleague.org.

Here are the complete results:

Winning Teams

  • 1st place: Stadium HS
  • 2nd place: Olympia HS
  • 3rd place: Tumwater HS

Winning Individuals- Overall

  • 1st place: Eric Chou, Stadium HS
  • 2nd place: Leah Dalrymple, Tumwater HS
  • 3rd place: Chris Han, Stadium HS

Winning Individuals - By Grade Level

9th Grade:

  • 1st place: Juliana Trujillo, Lakes HS
  • 2nd place: Meghan Woodrum, Lakes HS
  • 3rd place: Jamar Williams, Lakes HS

10th Grade:

  • 1st place: Chris Han, Stadium HS
  • 2nd place: Willian Hoza, Olympia HS
  • 3rd place: Dylan Mackenzie, Tumwater HS

11th Grade:

  • 1st place: Kirsten Allen, Olympia HS
  • 2nd place: Austin Minor, Olympia HS
  • 3rd place: Kyle Whitcomb, Stadium HS

12th Grade:

  • 1st place: Eric Chou, Stadium HS
  • 2nd place: Leah Dalrymple, Tumwater HS
  • 3rd place: Richard Lee, Stadium HS


  • Lakes HS
  • Olympia HS
  • Stadium HS
  • Tumwater HS

31 students total