Landscape Visions Through October 27, 2009 at The Evergreen Gallery

September 23, 2009

Everyday we see the land, sky, vegetation surrounding us, and absorb it to varying degrees. The artists in this exhibition see, absorb, and then offer their visions back to us – depicting, expressing, embellishing, imagining. The evolution of perception continues as they help us see our surroundings in new ways.

Artists include: Victoria Adams, Nicholas Brown, Timothy Cross, Michael Dailey, Steve Davis, Caryn Friedlander, Nicole Gibbs, Joseph Goldberg, Philip Govedare, Lee Imonen, Patrick Kelley, James Lavadour, R.T. Leverich, Norman Lundin, Nikki McClure, Anna McKee, Richard Misrach, Lynda K. Rockwood, Glenn Rudolph, Kirby Stanton, Barbara Earl Thomas, Wes Wehr, Brett Weston, Don Worth, Claude Zervas.

Evergreen wishes to acknowledge the artists and lenders who made this exhibition possible: private collectors, Francine Seders Gallery, Grover/Thurston Gallery, James Harris Gallery, Catherine Person Gallery, The James F. Holly Rare Book Collection of the Evergreen State College Library, The Evergreen State College Art Collection.

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