Evergreen Offers New Reading Endorsement

January 27, 2009

(Olympia, Wash.) Washington's Professional Educator Standards Board has approved a new reading endorsement program at The Evergreen State College. The five courses in the sequence will be offered over two summer quarters and are open to certified teachers, candidates in teacher preparation programs, people interested in becoming teachers, and individuals interested in the development and teaching of reading. For summer 2009, participants can take Children's Literature or Adolescent Literature, Foundations of Literacy and Research in Literacy. In summer 2010, Children's Literature or Adolescent Literature will be offered again along with the two remaining classes, Instructional Methods and Assessment in Reading. At the conclusion of the sequence, interested teachers and candidates in teacher preparation programs must take and pass the Reading WEST E, a state-required standardized test, and apply to have the endorsement added to their teaching certificates. For information call 360-867-6559. Summer class schedules and registration procedures will be posted on Evergreen's Web site (www.evergreen.edu) in the spring.

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