Evergreen Recognized as a College of Distinction

November 18, 2008

The schools in this group are some of the very best in the country. Some are household names, some are ‘hidden in plain sight’; what they all share is that they are great places to get an education.

- Wesley L. Creel, president and founder of Colleges of Distinction

Olympia, WA – The Evergreen State College recently received the designation “College of Distinction” in the newly-released 2008-2009 edition of Colleges of Distinction. Unlike traditional numeric-based college guidebooks, this book recognizes and appeals to students’ unique interests, realizing what may be “the best” college for one student, may be vastly different than the best for another.

Approximately 40 colleges in each of the six geographical regions in the United States were selected as meeting four key criteria that make a college truly exceptional: engaged students, great teaching, vibrant communities, and successful outcomes. These are the “hidden gems” of higher education institutions - as determined by a review board of academicians, guidance counselors, and parents.

"Obtaining a bachelor’s degree shouldn’t be a means to an end,” says The Evergreen State College director of admissions, Doug Scrima. “The colleges included in this guide book are truly invested in transformative learning. Prospective college students and their family members will appreciate this guide because it cuts through the ordinary to help you find the extraordinary."

Colleges of Distinction were required to go through an application process to be considered, be nationally recognized by education professionals, employ outstanding teachers that provide innovative learning experiences, have an active campus and community that allows for personal development, and be highly valued by employers for outstanding preparation.