Evergreen Fund for Innovation Awards Announced

December 11, 2007

Evergreen’s Visual History and Carbon Offsets Focus of Winning Proposals for 2007-2008

(Olympia, Wash.)    The Evergreen Fund for Innovation supports pioneering efforts by members of the Evergreen community for projects that will shape the college’s future.   The award was established in 1996 in an effort to keep Evergreen on the leading edge of higher education.   Two winning teams were announced the 2007-2008 academic year.  

The team of Sally J. Cloninger, Evergreen faculty; Peter Randlette, Evergeen adjunct faculty; Randy Stilson, Evergreen adjunct faculty; and Jules Unsel, interdisciplinary media faculty librarian were awarded the Evergreen Fund for Innovation award for their project to establish The Evergreen Visual History Archive.    With this project, team members will work to preserve the visual and aural media record of Evergreen’s academic mission and accomplishments since the college’s inception.

The team of Robert Cole, Evergreen faculty; Dylan Fischer, Evergreen faculty; and Alexandra Kazakova, Evergreen student were awarded the Fund for Innovation Award for their proposal Carbon Fluxes in Our Forest and Carbon Offsets as a Piece of Evergreen’s Goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2020.  The research team will work to examine and address the efficacy of purchasing carbon offsets and will also address the carbon uptake and carbon-offset potential associated with the management of the un-built Evergreen State College forest reserves.   

Successful proposals focus on innovative ideas that may be sustained after the award and represent the best that Evergreen has to offer in interdisciplinary and cross-divisional collaboration.   Awards for 2007-2008 also addressed the challenges and opportunities posed by The Evergreen State College Strategic Plan Update available at http://www.evergreen.edu/president/docs/strategicplanup07.pdf

The Evergreen State College is a nationally recognized public liberal arts college known for its distinctive interdisciplinary curriculum, high level of student/faculty engagement and emphasis on putting learning into action.