Evergreen's Tacoma Campus invites community to share in solutions

May 8, 2007

(TACOMA, Wash.) - Their motto says it all: Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve. Students at The Evergreen State College's Tacoma Campus are preparing themselves to start solving the world's - and their communities' problems - with simple steps, right here in Tacoma, today. That's the story you'll hear if you attend the 12th Annual Research, Showcase and Resource Fair at Evergreen Tacoma on Saturday, May 19 from 1 to 5 p.m. The theme is "With Liberty and Justice for Whom?" The campus is located at 1210 6th Street in Tacoma. As the 200-plus students at Evergreen's Tacoma Campus pull together the lessons learned from their interdisciplinary studies this year - studies in which art, science, literature, business, computer science, history and more are woven together to provide context and added insights - they'll be applying their newfound knowledge and skills to real-world problems. When they present their projects May 19 to an audience of community leaders, fellow students, family, friends and the general public, their goal will be to share their knowledge and start changing the lives around them for the better. These students are young and not so young; African American, Asian, white and Hispanic; single and married; parents and grandparents; community college transfers pursuing a bachelor's degree for the first time and students pursuing a "second chance" at college and, often, at life. Through presentations, displays, films and other activities, participants in the May 19 Showcase and Resource Fair will get practical information on dealing with issues that often stand as barriers to a better life. The Evergreen Tacoma students will be sharing insights and lessons learned that can break down many of those barriers and open doors to opportunity.

Projects showcased at the fair will provide useful information to help people overcome barriers in their ongoing efforts to strengthen their families, gain access to necessary services and create stronger, more vibrant communities. General topic areas include economic development, education, law and public policy, public health and nutrition, psychology and counseling, social work and human services, youth, and technology. Some of the specific topics will include: HIV as a Health Disparity; Criminal Background Checks and Access to Housing; Eating Disorders; Maternal and Child Public Health; How to Navigate Veterans Benefits; Homeless Issues, Legal Issues and Chemical Dependency; Empowering Women in a Gender-Biased Society; Incarceration; Affordable/Free Activities for Families; Restoring Voter Rights; Gifted People - Information for People with Learning Disabilities; Youth Justice; Ready-Set-WASL; Healthy Ways to Deal with Stress; Adoption Rights; Exploring Barriers to Alternative Energy; Liberty and Justice in Art; Healthcare Services; Death and Dying; and The Gentrification of Tacoma.

The Washington Legislature created The Evergreen State College in 1967 to provide a model education in the liberal arts and sciences in a public college setting. Evergreen pioneered many of the "learning community" ideas now taking root across the country. It's also known for creating an environment where students read more, write more, study more and engage more actively with faculty and each other than the vast majority of colleges across the nation. Since 1996, Evergreen in Olympia has been identified as one of a handful of "Colleges That Change Lives." Evergreen extended its successful interdisciplinary, student-centered model to Tacoma in 1982. With adaptations to reflect community and student needs, that model continues to bear fruit today; it continues to change lives. On the Web: www.evergreen.edu/tacoma