Evergreen road projects to enhance safety, improve road surfaces

August 22, 2006

Work to enhance a busy intersection on The Evergreen State College campus begins next week, and will run through early October.

Intersection enhancements at the Driftwood Rd. and Overhulse Rd. intersection, near student housing and off-campus apartments, will improve pedestrian safety by re-aligning the roadway.

The re-alignment will reduce pedestrian crossing distances and increase visibility for drivers. Sidewalks and enhanced roadway markings are also a part of the project.

Other campus roadwork includes improvements for southbound traffic near the campus/county boundary at the south end of Evergreen Parkway.

The current roadway design, a product of the early 1970’s, anticipated a divided highway to Highway 101. Plans include straightening the abrupt curve in the roadway and constructing a more efficient roadway bank through the turn. Work will also include connecting the college’s bicycle and pedestrian path to the county trail on the west side of the Parkway, decreasing the trail slope and improving the transition between the two paths.

Improving safety for bicyclists is another project goal – bicyclists riding on the south end of the parkway now encounter a portion of shoulder that is very narrow near the guardrail. This portion of the shoulder will be widened to a standard width.

The parkway work is expected to begin September 10, and be completed in early October.

Drivers can expect temporary detours or flaggers. For more information, call Evergreen’s office of Facilities Services at 867-6700