Evergreen's new Community Language Lab opens

March 7, 2006

OLYMPIA , Wash. -- A new language center has opened at The Evergreen State College this week, creating a space that can be used by students — as well as faculty and staff to learn or brush up on foreign languages.

The new center is located in the Seminar II Building, room A3116.

"Our language and culture programs are certainly one of the strongest areas of academic offerings here at Evergreen. History, literature, culture and language are studied in a single comprehensive program, offering students an intensive immersion," says Evergreen faculty member Pat Krafcik.

The Community Language Lab is also a lounge area where students can speak and learn from each other, utilize program tutors and use foreign language computer software.

More than ten languages can be studied at the lab.

"From my perspective as a faculty member, it is absolutely crucial that our students learn languages and be immersed in other cultures. I think one of the biggest challenges we face in working with the world community is that many people do not understand other cultures," Krafcik says.

While it's important to learn language to understand other cultures, Krafcik also says that it's also critical to helping others solve serious problems around the world.

Evergreen faculty members Susan Fiksdal and Judith Gabriele also worked along side Krafcik to open the new lab.

The language center was a cooperative effort from individuals around campus, and organizers say they are grateful for their work.

"This is an initial step," Krafcik says, "our greatest wish is that people will come and use the lab. we hope the campus community will respond to this so that the lab can grow and become a staple of the campus."

On the web: www2.evergreen.edu/languagelab/