Evergreen Sustainable Home Dedicated

May 9, 2005

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- The Habitat for Humanity home, known locally as the Evergreen Sustainable Home (1104 Brawne Ave, Olympia), was dedicated on Friday, May 6. The home was designed by students in Evergreen's Ecological Design program and some artistic embellishments, such as the reliefs above the windows, were designed by students in Evergreen's Art in Place program. Academic Vice President and Provost, Don Bantz, represented the college at the dedication.

According to participants in the project, the house is beautiful and one of the best homes Habitat For Humanity has built anywhere -- and a proud accomplishment of members of the Evergreen community. Construction supervisor, Jerry Fugich, also is an Evergreen alumnus. 

Evergreen continues to participate and facilitate environmental planning and advocacy work as a core value of the college. On Earth Day, Evergreen received national recognition as the college's Seminar II building was named one of the Top Eight "Green" Projects by the American Institute of Architects.