The Evergreen State College Featured in Princeton Review College Guide, "America's Best Value Colleges"

April 18, 2005

The Evergreen State College is one of the nation's "best value" undergraduate institutions according to The Princeton Review.  The New York-based education services company chose Evergreen as one of 81 schools it recommends in the new 2006 edition of its book, America's Best Value Colleges (Random House / Princeton Review, $15.95), on sale April 19, 2005.  The book is a guide to colleges with outstanding academics, generous financial aid packages and relatively low costs.  It includes public and private colleges and universities in 35 states.  The Princeton Review has a complete list of the schools in the book on its Web site

The book cites Evergreen as "a public, ultra-progressive liberal arts school" offering what most colleges cannot, "private college amenities and class sizes at a public university price." The Review refers to Evergreen students as "residents who have distinguish themselves in a wide range of areas, including academics, community service, art, journalism and science."

The Princeton Review selected the schools for the book based on data the company obtained from administrators at over 350 colleges, and surveys of students attending them.  Says Robert Franek, V.P.-Publishing, The Princeton Review, "We used over 30 factors to rate the colleges in four categories: Academics, Tuition GPA (the sticker price minus average amount students receive in scholarships and grants), Financial Aid (how well colleges meet students' financial need), and Student Borrowing.  Bottom line: the 81 schools that met our criteria for this book are all great college education deals."