Evergreen Singers perform "Evergreen: Then and Dao" March 13

March 4, 2005

OLYMPIA - The Evergreen Singers will present a free public concert Sunday, March 13 featuring the world-premiere of "Songs from the Dao De Jing" by Linda Waterfall, and the 1973 piece "Cloud Cuckoo U." composed by satirist, composer and Evergreen's first librarian, Malcolm Stilson.

The concert takes place in the campus Recital Hall in the Communications Building at 4 p.m.

Seattle composer Linda Waterfall created her suite of "Songs from the Dao De Jing" in English and Chinese, using Taoist poetry as her texts. Authentic Chinese violins - called Erhu's - and percussion will accompany the choir during Waterfall's piece.

The Singers will present Stilson's satiric musical based on Aristophanes' "The Birds" in oratorio form. Faculty members Marla Beth Elliott and Stephanie Claire direct the 55-member choir.