South Asia earthquake and tsunami relief, education event

January 6, 2005

The Evergreen State College will hold a one hour video presentation of “The Next Wave: Science of Tsunamis” with an introduction by Dr. Paul Butler, an Evergreen geology professor. Butler will also host a question and answer session after the film. The event takes place in Lecture Hall 1 on the Evergreen campus at 1:00 p.m. Wed., Jan 12.

The Evergreen chemistry club is also holding a bake sale and fundraiser for survivors of the terrible disaster. They will collect donations for the following relief agencies: The American Red Cross International Response Fund, Unicef, Oxfam America and the Fort Wayne/South Bend Archdiocese specifically for Sri Lankan relief.

The South Asian tragedy began with the most powerful earthquake in forty years, and was followed by a massive tsunami affecting many nations in the region, killing over 150,000.

No Evergreen students were studying in the affected area, but Evergreen student affairs staff are working with students who had ties to the region. At least one Evergreen student appears to have lost a family member.