Contractor selected for Evans library project; work set to begin soon

February 11, 2005

Lakewood contractor awarded $12.7 million contract

The board of trustees of The Evergreen State College has awarded a construction contract for the Daniel J. Evans Library modernization project to Pease Construction, Inc. from Lakewood, WA. Pease and their subcontractors will arrive on campus prior to March 1, and work on the sixteen-month project is expected to begin on that date.

The $21 million project includes the library, computer, photo, and media areas and other spaces of the building.

The second portion of the building modernization, planned to begin design in mid-2005 if state funding is allocated, will focus on the administrative offices, classrooms, and the fourth floor. In total, the first portion of the multi-stage plan will shape about half of the 330,000 square foot building.

Also included in the project is the addition of stained-glass artwork inside the building, some of which will be visible from the main campus plaza, Red Square.

College officials are already working to minimize construction impacts for those around the construction area - as well as employees who work in the other half of the building. One of the first steps was the creation of a communications team to help increase awareness on campus about the project and its goals, but also make clear possible impacts or area closures.