Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute

In 1999, the Washington Legislature established the Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute (NIARI) at The Evergreen State College to work with tribes on issues of critical importance to the future of their communities. NIARI uses research methods to address important issues such as Tribal Governance, Economic Sustainability, Natural Resource Management, and Cultural Revitalization. Evergreen has a proven history of educational service to the tribes. Through the development of NIARI, the college has taken its commitment to the Indigenous people of Washington state one step further. The Institute expands the services which the college can offer the tribes, enabling Evergreen to assist local tribes to meet their economic, governance and resource goals. At the same time, the Institute provides additional, real-life learning opportunities for Evergreen students. The Institute’s mission is to serve the interests of the area’s tribes, by applying the principles of applied research, putting theory into practice, and making available college and community resources to address the needs of Washington state tribes and Native people.

Alan Parker (Director)
Seminar 3122A
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Aleticia K. Silverwood Tijerina (Assistant Director)
Seminar II E2119
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Bonnie Graft (Staff)
Seminar II E2121
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